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Training Settings

Recommended Zoom Settings for classroom hosts

These settings are made via the zoom web portal.

Settings for "Scheduling a new meeting"​

Pay particular attention to the following Meeting options:
  • "Enable join before host" - ON
    • Otherwise, during the meeting you or a co-host will have to notice students trying to get in, and admit them one by one.
  • Mute participants upon entry - ON
  • Enable waiting room - OFF
    • This will silently override "Enable join before host" and will force you to manually admit students.

General settings in profile

  • Join before host - ON
  • Mute participants upon entry - ON
  • Chat - ON
  • Auto saving chats - ON
    • However, be aware zoom chat is inferior, and you might want to encourage important chat messages to go elsewhere
  • Play sound when participants join or leave - ON
    • To the host at least. This can be turned off during the meeting (at least with desktop client)
  • Co-host - ON
  • Polling - ON
    • Allow host to put attendee on hold - ON
      • As a workaround for better breakout auto-distribution (see recommendations)
  • Always show meeting control toolbar - ON
  • Who can share? - All participants
  • Annotation - ON
  • Auto-save whiteboard when meeting is stopped: ON
  • Remote-control: ON
  • Nonverbal feedback: ON
  • In Meeting (advanced)
    • Breakout room - ON
  • Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling: ON
  • Group HD video: OFF (requires extra bandwidth)
  • Virtual background - ON
  • Attention tracking - ON
  • Waiting room - OFF
  • Show a "Join from your browser" link - ON
  • Email notification... When attendees join meeting before host: OFF
    • Otherwise you'll get 40 emails even if you're a minute late.

Settings for Recording

  • Cloud recording - ON
  • Record active speaker with shared screen - ON
  • Record gallery view with shared screen - OFF
  • Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately - OFF
  • Record an audio only file - ON
  • Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar - ON
  • Display participants' names in the recording - OFF (more private)
  • Automatic recording - OFF
  • Recording Consent - ON
  • Multiple audio notifications of recorded meeting - ON