CYF Docs
Zoom Training

Zoom Master Duties

Before the call

  • Make sure you have access to the relevant [region/team]@codeyourfuture.io Zoom account for the session (ask one of @cyf-mgmt on Slack
  • Message the lead teacher(s) and introduce yourself as Zoom Master (see Class Planner for who has signed up). Establish whether they have any specific Zoom admin requirements
    • For example, they may want specific numbers assigned to breakout rooms or want you to help them out by monitoring the Zoom chat for questions.
  • Make sure you have access to the relevant Class Trainee Progress Tracker for your region
    • You will need this for filling in attendance
  • Log in and start the meeting using the meeting link or via the Zoom app meeting dashboard

During the call

  • Say hello to everyone and introduce yourself as the Zoom Master!
  • Make sure you are the meeting Host
    • If you’re not, ask the incumbent Host to transfer you the Host power
  • Ask all the trainees and teacher/TAs to clearly rename themselves to [Name (trainee or teacher/TA)]
  • Assign all teacher/TAs as co-hosts so they can move between breakout rooms
    • Click 3 dots (‘...’) on someone’s name and click ‘make co-host’
  • Start the meeting recording (‘record’ -> ‘record to cloud’) when the lead teacher opens the class (liaise with lead teacher to clarify)
    • Click ‘pause’ and ‘play’ for breaks in classes (like breakout room activities) and then ‘stop’ for end of meeting
    • If you click ‘stop’ by accident, then you can just click ‘record’ again and create multiple videos for the same class, in the worst case scenario
    • The video automatically uploads to our Zoom account cloud storage after it is stopped
  • Fill in class attendance (use relevant Class Trainee Progress Tracker for your region)
  • Create breakout rooms at the start of the meeting
    • Create more breakout rooms than you may actually need (15+)
      • You should see a Breakout Rooms button on your Zoom panel (if not, click ‘More’ (or ‘...’) to find it
      • This is because some versions of Zoom may not allow you to add rooms after they are opened
    • Assign attendees to rooms
      • Assign 2 or 3 trainees to a room
        • Assigning can be random
        • For exact number per room, please consult lead teacher
      • Assign all teacher/TAs to one room
      • Announce before opening breakout rooms that TAs will begin to circulate rooms after 2 minutes have elapsed
        and encourage trainees to use the Ask For Help button
        • This allows trainees to work together and help each other, if needed, before teacher/TAs come into the room
    • When the lead teacher gives you the signal, open the breakout rooms
  • Other general admin - like making sure people are muted when the presenter is speaking; and looking out for students who are using Zoom reactions to try and ask a question or mention to the lead teacher that there is a question in the chat!

When you finish

  • If you are leaving before the end of the session, assign as the host the incoming Zoom Master then leave the meeting
  • If you are finishing the call, just end the meeting.
  • Have a well-deserved cup of tea

Zoom Training Call Notes - For Trainees

  • Hello! :)
  • This list is at http://bit.ly/cyfzoomtest
  • Put your webcam on
  • Click on Gallery view to see everybody's faces :) - How to change the layout
  • Enable "CC" or "closed-captions"
  • Find out which slack channel you should use
  • Check your webcam and audio are working.
  • Always mute yourself when you are not speaking
  • "Participants" window:
    • name yourself well, raise hand, yes/no, faster/slower buttons.
  • "Breakout" rooms
    • How to get to your breakout room
    • Tasks for your group:
      • Say hello!
      • Confirm you can all hear each other well
      • and see each other well
      • and can all screen-share
      • Report any problems to the correct slack channel (see above)
      • Send each other some DMs with emojis, on Slack
      • Tell some jokes, share favourite things, hobbies (meet others!)
      • Teach each other to enable virtual backgrounds
    • Button "ask the host for help"
    • How to leave breakout room (but not the meeting!)
    • Notice broadcast messages
  • "Chat" window: we won't use it. Use Slack!
  • How to find out more
  • Let's take a selfie!

Zoom Training Call Notes - For Trainers/TAs

  • Say Hi!
  • This list is at http://bit.ly/cyfzoomtest
  • Identify yourself as a volunteer to the host
  • let them know if you have used zoom before
  • learn everything the students are learning!
  • try co-hosting:
    • ask to be made a co-host (check in participants panel)
      • note: host cannot assign host/co-host roles unless the host and participant are in main room.
    • try muting participants with noisy microphones
    • try clearing "raised hands"
    • try chatting with DMs on zoom (can be useful)
    • breakout rooms:
      • Note: It is NOT possible to choose room from main
      • First, go to your breakout room, then:
        • move "sideways" between rooms, saying hi & checking students know what to work on
      • return to main room periodically to feed back to lead teacher
  • try hosting:
    • ask to be made a host
    • assign the previous host to be a co-host
    • note: host cannot assign host/co-host roles unless the host and participant are in main room.
    • create breakout rooms
      • randomly assign all to breakout rooms (3-4 per room)
      • ("recreate rooms" makes new rooms)
      • "open all rooms" (invites students to the rooms)
      • adjust some students and co-hosts to balance groups
      • assign latecomers
      • have one co-host stay behind in main room as greeter
      • move quickly between rooms, checking all ok
      • host returns to main room, to co-ord
      • "broadcast message" x 3
      • bring all back to main
    • manage participants: "mute all". See other operations
    • try assigning someone to write closed captions as broadcast messages
    • try writing closed captions yourself as broadcast messages
    • restore original host
    • ask to be made co-host again