Re-entry to Course

Over a course some students may feel the need to stop their studies due to commitments outside CodeYourFuture. This is entirely understandable and is often a good choice for some students.

Reasons for Retaking the Course

There are several reasons why a student may want to drop out of the course and re-join next year.

  • Illness

  • Injury

  • Time constraints involving work

  • Childcare time constraints

  • Falling behind in the course content

When a student removes themselves from the course the education team should set coursework for the student to complete in their own time.

In the case of students' english skill not being sufficient the student must complete language training courses. They should be referred by their City Coordinator to a partner organisation.

Re-entry Requirements

Re-entry will not be offered to students that were removed from the course because of Code of Conduct violations under any circumstance.

In order to gain re-entry to the course students must:

  1. Complete the entire application process from the start

    • They must show significant improvement from the first time they applied for the course

  2. Complete the coursework set by the Education team

  3. Show significant evidence that they will be able to complete the full course this year

  4. (If required) show significant increase in their reading, written and spoken english skill