CYF Docs

Interview - English

What's the aim?

The aim is to check the candidate's ability to read a simple written task statement in English and to follow it step by step. Is their comprehension of written English ok? Can they focus? What attention to detail have they?

Instructions for the interviewer

Set the candidate at ease:
  • This tasks is to help us get a sense of their ability to read in English, follow instructions and think through a problem.
  • It is a really short task - it's not timed
  • This task doesn't require ANY coding at all!
  • Spelling mistakes do NOT matter in this task.

If the candidate CAN share their screen and type

  • Share with them the instructions for the task
  • Ask them to read and follow the instructions, step by step.
  • Remind them there is no hurry - it is not a timed task.
  • Ask them to "think out loud" where possible, but make it clear you will be silent.
  • Do not clarify the text for them unless it's obviously our fault.

If the candidate cannot share their screen or type

  • As interviewer, share your screen and check the candidate can see it
  • Go to this page
  • Move your cursor to underneath the instructions on the left hand side
  • Check if the candidate can see the instructions
  • Prompt the candidate to read the instructions from your screenshare
  • Prompt the candidate to tell you exactly what to type in the editor on the right.
    • (This may include spelling words, typing characters, moving the cursor, searching in google, scrolling, pausing to let something be read.)
    • Try not to infer too much.

Taking Notes

  • Did the candidate understand the written instructions?
  • Did the candidate ask you to clarify the instructions?
  • Did the candidate think out loud while they were doing the task?
  • How was the candidate's attention to detail?