Welcome to CodeYourFuture Docs

CodeYourFuture is a non-profit volunteer-led coding community for refugees, asylum seekers and other people from under-served backgrounds. We offer a free nine-month software development programme with the aim of preparing our trainees for a job as a junior developer. We meet one day a week for the workshop, and when arranged we also meet outside of this day to help trainees with coursework and projects.

In this website you'll find all of the documentation we use to run and organise CodeYourFuture.

CodeYourFuture currently operates in the following regions:

  • Glasgow

  • London

  • North West (based in Manchester)

  • West Midlands (based in Birmingham)

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Overview of CYF Docs

As you can see on the Sidebar, this resource is split into 4 sections to offer:

  1. information on the Organisation;

  2. resources for Trainees and Alumni;

  3. resources for Volunteers; and

  4. resources for Leaders at CodeYourFuture

Editing this Website

This website is hosted on Gitbook. To get edit access, please speak to a CodeYourFuture Programme Manager.

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