NGO Dashboard - Step by step guide for volunteers

Background Information

The NGO (Non-Government Organisation) Dashboard is something currently in development at CYF. The end goal is for us to have a visual representation of NGOs relationships which we can use to map the contacts we make. Particularly those that have referred applicants (including the applicant’s progress) and will be a good tool to use for strategising when launching a new class or City. NGO’s are invaluable when it comes to recruiting applicants, they often work closely with disadvantaged people so are a direct link for us.

NGOs can sometimes share posters or email information for us on a mailing list, invite us to events or offer to share our information on social media.

We are currently at Stage 1 of the dashboard - gathering data from calls to NGOs. Instructions for adding call data are below.

If you would like to suggest an NGO we should make contact with, please rfill in this form then inform the relevant Programme Managers (listed below) once complete.

If you find any bugs or problems when using these resources, please fill in the bug reporting document (up to column D) and inform @Claire once complete.

Training on how to use the dashboard will be provided in details

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