Calling Applicants

There are three stages for an applicant:

While the applicants are working on the tutorials, it is important at this time to call an applicant and ensure that they are clear about the process, are receiving emails and are actively working on the tutorials.

Many applicants suffer from isolation and depression, so a call at this stage can provide a lot of motivation to students.

Step by Step guide to making an applicant call.

  • Go to the dashbaord to find an applicant to call.

  • If you do not have access to the dashboard or applicant's phone numbers please contact your city co-ordinator

  • Ensure you hide your number by using either 141 or #31# (depends and may differ on your network and region)

  • Its always best to start with who you are 'Hello I'm x calling from Code your Future

If the person doesn't remember they have applied:

  • The person may not remember they have applied. If so give them a quick reminder that they applied for the CodeYourFuture Intro to Digital Course.

  • Ask them to go to to check out what we do and if they’d like to continue with the process

  • Many access via entering their email. They will receive a link to the applicant dashboard when they enter their email so tell them to look for this

  • Follow up with an email containing useful link to and CYF website

If the person remembers they have applied:

  • Ask them how they are finding the course

  • Ensure they know of the various ways they can stay in touch with us and get help:

    • Leaving a comment on their application

    • Attending a weekend workshop

    • You may wish to leave these links in a comment on their application or ask a volunteer with access to CYF email account to forward on these links on.

      Tip: Have a template email with all these links ready for your city!

  • Let the applicant know about the opportunity to apply for the 8-month Full Stack course

  • Remind applicants of any upcoming deadlines to apply for the Full Stack Web development course and explain the application process.

If the person has completed all steps:

  • Congratulate them!

  • Let them know that they will recieve an invitation to an interview to join our full stack course.

  • More information on the interview can be found here

Once you have called an applicant, record this call on the dashboard and move onto the next one.

Material for calling applicants

  • More detailed call scripts and audio recordings of example calls can be sent to you

  • F.A.Q. - especially useful when calling NGOs and Applicants

  • Training will be provided

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