Social Media Guide

Please review our Social Media Deck that will give you an idea of what we do and why.

For access to the relevant social media channels, ask your local coordinators.

Things to keep in mind when writing a post:

  • If you are promoting an event, always include the date and time + location (if physical)

  • Please check that you use the correct tracking link based on where you will post the content

How to use an image

  • We often use Canva to create annotated images/banners that we publish on social media

  • Ask @Roberta or your Country coordinator for our Canva log-in details

  • Make sure your image has the correct dimensions to be published properly on social media

  • Generally speaking, square images like this (not too narrow or long) tend to be adaptable across different mediums

Please share feedback or ideas in the cyf-ambassadors Slack channel.

Happy Posting!

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