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Scrum Master

Voluntary Role
This role is only part of the Product Teams responsible for building features that support the day-to-day processes of CYF.
The expected commitment is 5 hours per week for at least three months. This is so you and Code Your Future get the most out of the experience.
Who are you?
  • Looking to volunteer in a Product team
  • Experience as Scrum Master of at least one year in the role) or someone with experience in the tech world who wants to transition into this role
  • Efficient communication skills and great problem-solving to ensure delivery is done effectively

Your responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Product Owner to maintain the team's backlog according to the priority
  • Ensure the team understands the project’s goal and user story requirements.
  • Raise if the development team requires further clarification on scope and user stories.
  • Coaching the development team in self-organisation
  • Plan and communicate releases that should happen at least once every two weeks.
  • Checking in with the progress of the team at least once every two days, if possible, daily
  • Helping to remove obstacles to the team’s progress
  • Organising and facilitating Agile processes and Scrum events as needed
    • Sprint Planning (acceptance of stories, estimation, sprint goal, communication)
    • Daily Scrum (i.e. Slack update)
    • Backlog Refinement (support the Product Owner and represent them, if possible)
    • Sprint Demo (organise and support team to be ready)
    • Sprint Retrospective (run sessions every two weeks, ensure actions are reviewed and assigned to team members)