CYF Docs
Project Manager/Scrum Master Ensures the team understands the brief presented by the Product Owner and introduce and facilitate agile practices. Provides support by:
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Working with the team to create and update tasks on Trello
  • Introducing and enforcing Agile practices (e.g. sprint planning, retros)
Technical Assistant Supports trainees as they are developing their projects.
Provides support in:
  • Architecture of the application
  • Helping to solve specific implementation problems
  • Helping to solve specific bugs or errors
  • Providing overview of the entire project
UI/UX Designer UI/UX Designers are spread across multiple teams
UI/UX'ers will provide their expertise in supporting the UI/UX trainees in each team. Provides support in:
  • Developing simple UI for the applications
  • Providing support on answering UX issues
  • Giving advice on how to better design an application to our teams
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