Requesting a Laptop or Support

Please reach out to expenses@codeyourfuture before incurring any costs to yourself.

Requesting a Laptop

Please fill in the form below if you need a laptop to complete your coursework in our currently running courses.

This means you do not have access to £300 to purchase a laptop yourself. If CodeYourFuture gives you a laptop, you agree to take care of it and return it within 14 days of the end of your course.

If you break or lose any part of the laptop, you must contact us at so we can arrange a replacement if we have stock available.

Laptop Loan Request Form

Requesting Other Hardware

We can also support you with reimbursement for other hardware for accessibility needs.

  • Webcams

  • Headphones and Microphones

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

Please email to discuss any of your accessibility needs before purchasing.

Requesting Internet

If your internet is slow and you cannot access online calls or learning content, we can pay for 4G/5G internet for you.

We normally supply you with 30GB or Unlimited amounts of data.

We can also pay for you to upgrade your phone data contract.

Requesting Childcare Support

We can offer childcare reimbursement for your children during class and study groups.

Please read the trainee expenses policy for more info on childcare.

Requesting Travel Costs

If you are required to travel to class and cannot afford it, we can pay for your travel expenses.

Normally, we ask you to pay your provider and then reimburse you for the costs. Otherwise, we can provide you with a travel card for the city where CodeYourFuture operates.

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