Working Principles
What is expected from a CYF programme?
  • Empowered volunteers through defined roles & responsibilities
  • Events and classes with agendas and with assigned leaders running different sections
  • Interactive events and physically active activities that encourages the participation of all trainees and attendees
  • Interaction with trainees and attendees is organised in smaller groups that promotes collaboration and discussion
  • Feedback is encouraged from all trainees and attendees by the end of the event
  • Social spaces are created and fostered where people can meet, discussions are essential in any class or event
What we want to avoid having:
  • Transactional classes or events without interactions, discussions, fun or community aspects
  • Classes and events where attendees are sitting all day
  • Masterclass/boardroom/lecture atmosphere and dynamics
  • One person controlling all the agenda and leading all day
  • Volunteers being told what to do on the day
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