WhatsApp Community Guidelines

Welcome to our WhatsApp community for our Digital Literacy trainees. We are very excited to have you join our group!

At CodeYourFuture, we have an overall Code of Conduct and Values and working principles which you must follow if you are part of our community.

In addition, we have guidelines for WhatsApp, which are below.

Please follow these sets of rules so we can work well together:

Communicating in the groups on WhatsApp

  • Use the main group chat when you need help or want to discuss something. That allows more people to assist and learn together.

Please avoid the following behaviours:

  • Do not send the same message repeatedly across groups or to many people's inboxes. Only send helpful information.

  • Share only legal content. Do not spread illegal material.

  • Participate sincerely without trying to fool or upset others.

  • Do not share inappropriate or adult content. Keep our community friendly for everyone.

  • Avoid offensive language and graphic content. Be respectful in all messages.

  • If you see concerning behaviour or content, inform the group administrators CodeYourFuture Digital Literacy contact (07469 488132) immediately so we can address it.

By being part of our WhatsApp community, you agree to follow these guidelines. This will help create a supportive place where we can all learn new skills. Violating these rules may result in removal from the groups. We want to maintain a respectful environment for all members to collaborate and grow.

Let's learn great things together!

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