House Rules

  • Whilst you're a trainee, arrive on time.

    • Lots of people are giving freely of their time and knowledge to make the class possible and giving up other commitments to be here. Respect that, and always be on time.

  • Leave our space cleaner and tidier than when we arrive.

    • We are hosted by generous folks who are offering their space (and time) to help us - the least we can do is to keep their space tidy and clean, and consider it our own.

  • Communication is key (and in English).

    • Setup Slack on your phone and computer, and use it all the time to ask and provide help, enquire about the classes etc...

    • Also, the classes help lots of other fellow trainees (and volunteers!) to improve their English as a nice side effect, so even if you share a language with some of the participants, resist the temptation and speak in English!

  • Learn to find answers.

    • A big part of what we teach you is about researching and finding answers by yourself - get in the habit of Googling and finding answers to your questions.

  • Always be in control of the keyboard and mouse.

    • Don't let the mentors take control of your keyboard and mouse, don't let them type for you, ask for help but do things yourself!

  • Help each other.

    • As trainees, you're the most qualified to help each other, as you're going through the same journey of learning - offer and ask for help from your fellow students (helping someone else is also one of the best ways to improve your own skills)

  • We are a community.

    • This project is special (it's more than just a coding school) and it belongs to all of us: students, mentors, volunteers and friends of CYF. Embrace it like that, be proactive about helping it grow and succeed in all of its aspects.

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