PD Coach

As a PD Coach you will:

  • 1 PD Coach has 4-5 trainees that they coach as a group -The trainees should be the ones coming prepared to the sessions with their questions and challenges

  • First week of the month review their Development Plan & Core Competencies auto-evaluation -Make sure they add PD goals on their Development plan as well

  • Other 3 weeks of the month: -Focus on the Employability of the trainees, which is based on the Core Competencies -Focus on the big picture and long term goals-how and what they want to achieve -Have visibility of how they are doing on their coursework, so any gaps and feedback can be discussed -Go to a Saturday class at least once every 3 months, if you are close to a cohort

Time commitment: 2 hour every other week per group


  • You should be a CYF Volunteer for at least 3 months before you can take on this role

  • Industry professionals (with 3 years minimum of experience)

  • Skills that you should possess or be open to work on: communication, listening, flexibility, open-mindedness, assertiveness, reliability, patience

  • Any background from the field of working with people or managing is welcome but not necessary

  • Coaching/management/ leadership experience

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