Plan and schedule Social Media


  • Chair of the Social Media Planning Sprint (revolves each week among Social Media Ambassadors)

  • Social Media Ambassadors - Ambassadors who have express interest in social media planning

  • Reviewers - Staff member (or predetermined volunteer) who reviews and edits (if necessary) the scheduled posts of Social Media Ambassadors before they are published

1 - Planning

Weekly Social Media Planning Sprint

  1. Develop the ideas as a group

  2. Chair assigns Social Media Ambassador to draft content - by tagging their email address in a relevant cell in the Social Media Calendar

  3. Decide what day to post the content

  4. The assignee has until the following Friday (4 days) to compose a draft post for the following week and schedule it

SEE THE VIDEO HERE for a quick walkthrough of Planning

2 - Creation

  1. After the Social Media Planning Sprint, you will be assigned a post to draft (you’ll receive an email notification linking to the Social Media Calendar)

  2. Make sure you are quite familiar with our Style and Tone!

  3. Include an image with your post

  4. For Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, make sure you are using relevant hashtags and tagging the handles of relevant organisations and people

    • See the Handles/Hashtags tab on Social Media Calendar

SEE THE VIDEO HERE for a quick walkthrough of Creation

3 - Schedule

  1. Once your completed draft is in the Social Media Calendar, you must then schedule the post on Buffer so it can be published on the relevant social media platform on the relevant day!

    • Ask @Roberta or the coordinator in your Country for Buffer log-in details

    • We usually schedule posts for between 10:00 and 12:00 assuming we have one post for each platform per day

  2. Once you schedule in Buffer, message @Sergei or the reviewer in your country to ask them to review

SEE THE VIDEO HERE for a quick walkthrough of Scheduling

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