Trainee Agreement
CodeYourFuture is made possible by teams of Volunteers who give their time to help you.
To show your respect for the time they commit and the community that you are part of we expect you to fulfil the following commitments.
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Code of Conduct

As a community, CodeYourFuture operates under a set of rules that all members must follow.
You can find our Code of Conduct here.
I confirm that I will
  • Follow all of the rules set out in the Code of Conduct
If I do not do so then I will
  • Be removed from the course


At CodeYourFuture we teach once per week, however, most of your learning happens during the week when you complete the coursework.
For this reason, it is essential that you complete all of the coursework on time. This includes Technical and Personal Development coursework.
If you fall behind in this course it can be very hard for you to catch up.
A lot of effort goes into organising coursework marking so it is essential that submission happens on time as we may struggle to find resources to mark late coursework.
You will never be removed from the course for falling behind with your coursework if you are seeking help and showing steps to improvement.
I confirm that I will
  • Spend at least 20 hours a week outside of class working on coursework
  • Complete and submit all coursework for each week, before the start of the next class
  • Ask for help from teachers, mentors, buddies and other students if I need help
  • Not copy any coursework from another trainee
If I can cannot do my coursework on time I must
  • Message my Teachers and Buddies to tell them why I cannot complete my coursework and how I will catch up
If I do not complete the coursework on time and do not complete the above steps then I will
  • Not have my coursework marked
  • Not have access to Volunteers to help me catch up
  • Be considered to be removed from the course
Failure to complete all coursework by the end of a module is grounds for automatic dismissal from the course.

Reasons for Non-Completion

The following reasons are not permitted for non-completion of coursework
  • Not knowing you had coursework or how to complete it
    • It is your responsibility to understand the coursework or to ask for help
  • Not being able to complete coursework because you didn’t ask for help

Collaboration Policy

Working together can be one of the key ways that you can learn more information effectively. However, we want to make sure that you are given the opportunity to learn and receive assistance. It’s important that you develop your understanding of the material and not just passively have your work completed by other people.
Our policy is that trainees must clearly note where they have worked with other students or volunteers on their coursework. This should be given as a clear comment at the top of the coursework.
Coursework submitted without this comment, but with answers shared between students, will be considered copied.
Repeated cases of copying are grounds for automatic dismissal from the course.


Our Volunteers put in a lot of time preparing classes and delivering content.
For this reason you must make every effort to attend class.
I confirm that I will
  • Attend and be present for at least 90% of classes
If I cannot attend class I must
  • Message on Slack before class starts to say that I cannot attend with a valid reason for non-attendance
If I do not attend class and do not message then I will
  • Be considered to be removed from the course
  • Not have access to Volunteers to catch up
Continued non-attendance without good reason is grounds for automatic dismissal from the course.


Slack is the main tool that we use to communicate and keep the community alive.or this reason it is essential that you are active and responsive. We monitor your Slack usage and participation weekly as one of the ways we track your learning progression.
I confirm that I will
  • Install Slack on the computer that I do my work on
  • Install Slack on my phone
  • Answer all direct messages within 48 hours of receiving them
  • Actively participate in class learning by asking or answering at least 2 questions a week in the main class channel
If I do not take these steps, I understand I will
  • Be at risk of being removed from the class

Withdrawing From The Course

If you wish to stop attending the course you must contact us so we can help you in whatever you choose to do next. Leaving the course does not mean leaving our community.
I confirm that I will
  • Complete the CodeYourFuture Withdrawal Request Form if I wish to stop attending the course.
  • Return any laptops, laptop chargers, webcams or internet dongles I received from CodeYourFuture.
  • Await a reply from my city coordinator to confirm my request to withdraw.
Failure to do so will result in
  • An automatic rejection if you wish to rejoin in the future

Removal From Course

Attendance to the course is overseen completely by CodeYourFuture staff and Volunteers. All decisions are final and cannot be contested.
You can find our Complaints Procedure here.
Under some circumstances you may be allowed to re-apply to our next class. See here for our policy.
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