Trainee Agreement

Trainee Agreement

Code Your Future is made possible by teams of dedicated volunteers who give their time to support your goal of achieving a good job in tech.

If this is not your goal, please do not waste their time. It's okay to have other goals. Pursue them. Good luck! Come back to us when your goal is to train in software development and gain a good job in tech.

I confirm that I will

  • Follow the Code of Conduct βœ…

We expect our trainees to also fulfil the commitments below. Please read and sign this agreement.

As a trainee I agree to:

  1. Do my work βœ…

If you don't do these things, you will be dismissed as a trainee, because doing these things is what being a trainee means.

We will not dismiss you from our community. You are welcome to withdraw as a trainee and join us as a volunteer. You are welcome to reapply next time. You are welcome here.


1. Do your work βœ…

Our curriculum is free and open source. Everybody in the world can use it at their own pace and do whatever coursework they like, without obligation. But being a Code Your Future trainee is a privilege and a responsibility.

We use milestones to understand how you are progressing. There are ten milestone days on the course.

If you are behind milestones on two consecutive milestone days you will be dismissed as a trainee.

b. Coursework

If you fall behind with your coursework it is your responsibility to catch up.

I confirm that I will:

  • Submit all mandatory coursework before milestone day βœ…

  • Not blindly copy-paste because the point of this course is to learn to code βœ…

If you don't do your work you will be dismissed as a trainee.

If you have failed to meet your commitments, you may be invited to complete and sign a PIP. A PIP is a way to get extra support and resources to help you succeed.

d. Collaboration

Working together is expected at Code Your Future. Software is built by teams.

I confirm that I will

  • Credit the people I worked with on any document βœ…

  • Add my co-authors on any pull request βœ…

Coursework submitted without this, but with answers shared between trainees, will be treated as deception.

If you lie about your work you will be dismissed as a trainee.

2. Come to class βœ…

If you prefer to only learn online you should take an online course instead. Our programme is in person.

I confirm that I will:

  • Attend at least 90% of classes in the Software Development Course and 100% of classes in Fundamentals βœ…

  • Notify the class channel if I am unavoidably absent βœ…

If you don't come to class you will be dismissed as a trainee.

a. Leave

You may need to take unavoidable medical leave to have surgery or a baby. You may be detained by the Home Office. Life happens! You must tell us as soon as you can.

If I need to take unavoidable leave I confirm that I will

  • Email my Programme Manager as soon as possible βœ…

  • Complete a leave form βœ…

3. Take part on Slack βœ…

Slack is how we communicate. We monitor Slack activity.

I confirm that I will

  • Install Slack on my main computer βœ…

  • Answer direct questions within 72 hours βœ…

  • Ask or answer at least one question a week in my class channel βœ…

If you don't take part on Slack you will be dismissed as a trainee.

4. Ask for Help βœ…

It is your responsibility and right to ask for help as a Code Your Future trainee.

I confirm that I will

  • Ask for help when I need it βœ…

Your cohort is filled with smart people who have experience and support they can share with you. Work together. The wider CYF community can help too. It’s full of graduates who have already been on your journey, and other professionals who want to help you succeed.

If you are facing a serious challenge (homelessness, cancer, detainment etc) that affects your learning, email your Programme Manager and get signposted to specialist help.

When you need help, you must ask. We will help you. Our goal is your success.

Withdrawing From The Course

You must contact us to withdraw from the course.

Leaving the course does not mean leaving our community. You may return as a volunteer and/or you may apply for a future cohort.

I confirm that I will

  • Email my Programme Manager βœ…

  • Complete a Withdrawal Form βœ…

  • Return any equipment I borrowed βœ…

(If you don't do this part, you can't come back.)

Many CYF grads have withdrawn, returned and got good jobs in tech. We will welcome you back when you are ready. We will welcome you even if you were dismissed.

You are welcome here even if things have gone really wrong before.

​a. Removal From Course

Participation in the course is overseen completely by CodeYourFuture staff. All decisions are final and cannot be contested.

If you have withdrawn or been removed from our course, you are welcome to re-apply, unless you have been permanently banned for a Code of Conduct violation.

Everyone here wants to help you get a good job in tech, for real. That is the whole point of Code Your Future.

Please now sign this agreement.

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