Our Products

This is a high-level description of our in-house built products. If you are interested in Final Projects, you can read more about how it works on this link.

Active Products

Dashboard / Introduction to Digital / Volunteer Form Ecosystem

  • Built by graduates in 2019

  • Purpose: the ability to manage the applicants' process, from receiving the applications for Introduction to Digital until approving/rejecting their steps, as well as manage the volunteer applications and their journey within CYF

  • Tech Stack: MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)

Class Planner

  • Built by graduates in 2021

  • Purpose: manage the weekly classes and volunteers/roles for every cohort so that Programme Managers and Leadership Volunteers can identify if they have enough volunteers to run each class.

  • Tech Stack: MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)


  • Built by graduates with the support of our Tech Education Director in 2021

  • Purpose: automating a complicated question of who is suitable and eligible for Fundamentals, which is the first module of the Software Developer course

  • Tech Stack: PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node) connected to Rainbird API


Discontinued products

Mentor For Slack

  • Built by volunteers in 2022 - used until 2023

  • Purpose: a platform that automates tracking trainees’ progress and mentors’ engagement to ensure nobody falls behind.

  • Tech Stack: Slack bot created with PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node) and Hasura API

CYF Next

  • Stopped build in 2023 -

  • Purpose: reviewing the data architecture, focussing on making data available in a safe and secure manner within CYF.

  • Tech Stack: PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node)

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