Education Buddy


The Buddy’s role is the role of the guide.

This role is an ongoing commitment you make to three trainees for around three/four months.

You are the first point of contact for technical mentorship. For many trainees you will be the first developer they will ever work closely with. Meaningful technical mentorship is the heart of this role. You will build a close, supportive team with your trainees and model code review, accountability, time management and professional behaviour.

You will also attend a regular meeting with your Buddy volunteer team. This meeting is a place to communicate feedback on individual progress, get additional support and resources for your trainees, and share skills and insights with other Buddies.

Buddy groups meet every two weeks. (Some Buddies run standups more often.)

In these sessions you will identify blockers and talk/live code through them. You will do code review and give coursework feedback. You will reassure them and empathise with the immense challenge they are facing. It is really really hard!

You will also facilitate access to resources, including mentoring support, online study resources and access to study groups or peer learning. Developing your trainees to lead their own study groups is a great way to empower them in their own learning.

Training & Resources

You can find the training for this role here.

An example Mentoring Session Plan can be found here.

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