Calling NGOs and other referral organisations

Reaching to NGOs for new cities

  1. Research and collate contact details of a significant number of charities, NGOs, educational establishments for adults, training centres, and community groups that work with refugees, asylum seekers, and other disadvantaged (i.e. low-income, disabilities etc.) As a starting point, we recommend at least 50 organisations, and ideally 100+ organisations.

  2. Upload these organisations into Google Spreadsheet in your city folder and organise them based on their relevance to the course - there will be signs to suggest that certain organisations or groups are more likely to provide suitable applicants for CYF than others. Prioritise those that you believe to be the most likely source of applicants.

Reaching to NGOs for established cities

  1. Start calling NGOs - your City Coordinator will give you access to the dashboard.

  2. Making a call takes around 10mins - best done during the day when the NGOs are open. Lunch times have worked well in the past.

  3. The first email will be sent from by a volunteer or CYF staff member with a CYF email address. Your role is to follow up that email with a call.

  4. Try to speak to the right contact at the NGO - or if not, get their name for a follow up call.

  5. As a volunteer, you are likely only to call NGOs once. If you are a new CYF city, you may need to organise that other volunteers call the NGO back. NGOs are often busy doing other things, so a second call, especially to big referrers, is critical.

Training on how to use the dashboard will be provided in details

F.A.Q. - especially useful when calling NGOs and Applicants

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