General requirements for PD volunteers

There are several roles that you can take when volunteering with the Professional Development Team which have varying levels of time commitment and planning. Regardless of that, some general requirements apply to all PD volunteers. They should:

  • Have the ability to empathetically deal with people

  • Have a sound understanding of confidentiality

  • Have the ability to remain patient and calm in challenging situations

  • Be emotionally resilient to deal with challenging situations

  • Be able to volunteer in a multicultural environment

  • Have strong communication skills and empathetic needs of our community

  • Be available on Slack at least 2 hours per week

  • Be active on designated Slack channels (check for updates) - cyf-general, global-pd-volunteers and region-specific channels that apply to you

What you’ll gain: confidence, organisational skills, communication skills, friendships!

The roles:

  • PD Trainer,

  • PD Coach,

  • PD Coursework Reviewer,

  • PD Mock Interviewer

  • PD Syllabus Team

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