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After Graduation

If you are reading this it might mean you have finished the CodeYourFuture Software Development course and can call yourself a graduate. Congratulations!
You might be wondering what will happen next in your post-graduation journey - this page will explain everything you need to know.

Further Work & Projects

Even though we've finished the training you have only scratched the surface of everything you could learn and it important that you keep your skills fresh.
The job market will always be competitive so you should continue to learn new technologies, build cool projects and develop your soft skills.

CodeYourFuture Tech Projects

These are official internal projects that we use to run CodeYourFuture. Examples of ones from the past are
These tools are essential to helping us grow and ensure the long term growth of CodeYourFuture.
When you join the Tech Projects team you will be mentored by senior developers and work on projects that you can put on your CV as professional experience.
You may also have the opportunity to work on projects for NGO & Non-Profit companies. These projects could eventually lead to paid freelance projects in the future.

Graduate Module

At this point in your coding journey you may feel ready to start applying for jobs. This is excellent and we want to work with you to help you achieve this goal.
Important: When you are searching for jobs, make sure you tell us you want to apply for them first so we can speak to the company. When we do this we can get a "Recruitment Fee" from the company you work. This can be as much as £5000 and is an important way for us to keep on running.
Before you start you should make sure
  • You feel ready to start applying for jobs
  • Our staff and volunteers feel you are ready to start applying for jobs
  • You have your CV and LinkedIn complete and updated.
We can support you by
  • Helping you work on our CV & LinkedIn
  • Providing interview training
  • Helping you search for jobs
  • Giving you interview practice
    • Both technical and personal
When you need help, please message on Slack and we'll help however we can!

How Does Job Search Work?

Once you have graduated you will have to attend weekly Job Search Meetings with Staff, Volunteers & Graduates to describe the progress you're making on finding jobs.
It is important that you attend all of these event to stay involved with what we do and so we can track your progress and future learning. We need to know you are engaged with your job search so we can negotiate opportunities on your behalf.


Graduating from CodeYourFuture means that you will forever be a part of our community and family. There are many ways for you to get more involved.

Graduate Mentorship Programme

As a recent graduate of CodeYourFuture you are best placed to train the trainees who come after you.
As a Graduate Mentor you will be
  • Providing Technical Mentoring to Students
  • Give them resources to learn more
  • Provide coaching and guidance

Classroom Volunteering

We'd love for you to continue to come to class during our next class.
At first, it would be great for you to come as a Teaching Assistant to share your expertise with the students but as you progress we'd love for you to lead a class.
To get involved, keep on checking Slack for when our next class starts.

Attending Workshops & Training

You are always welcome to attend every workshop and training that we run.
If you like, you are also welcome to run a workshop for the rest of the community!

Personal & Community Projects

Employers love to see you working on Personal Projects to show that you are enthusiastic about learning and growing your skills.
It's also important that you work with you other graduates on projects so you can learn from each other.

Post-Graduate Module