Getting Setup

In this guide we'll explain everything you need to get ready for our course.

1) Your Laptop

Please make sure that the laptop you are using meets the minimum specification for our course.

Check here.

If your laptop does not meet the minimum specification - please contact us for a replacement.

2) Requesting Support

We can offer you a range of support whilst you are studying with us this includes

  • Laptops

  • Other computer hardware

  • Childcare support

  • Internet access

  • Travel costs

Please note: Some of these levels of support may not be possible in the city that you attend. Please check with your city coordinator.

Please read this page for more details on how to access these services.

3) Operating System

You can complete our course on any Operating System we recommend that you use Linux.

If you need a laptop, please speak an organisers and we can provide you with one.

Ubuntu (Optional)

We recommend using Ubuntu Linux to complete this course. This is an advanced computing skill but if you are comfortable installing this by yourself then you are welcome to, otherwise we can help you with this step.

Download and install here


If you're using Windows we ask that you install this program to make it easier for us to help you during the course.

Enable and install here

4) Visual Studio Code

4.1) Install VSCode

We use VS Code to write all of our code in the course. It is known as an Integrated Developer Environment and really helps you write great code!

Download and install here

4.2) Extensions

We also recommend that you install the follow extensions in Visual Studio Code.

You can install them all in one go with our extension pack or select individual extensions below.

A guide to installing extentions can be found here.



4.3) Enable formatting on save

We also suggest that you enable format on save so that your code stays formatted

  1. In Visual Studio open the settings file (see here)

  2. Search for editor format

  3. Set editor.formatOnSave and editor.formatOnPaste to true

5) Software

Although you can install some of the following software onto a phone, it is required you install it onto your laptop.

5.1) Chrome

Chrome is one of the best browsers for web developers with a great set of tools for testing and building websites

Download and install here

5.2) Slack

We use Slack to communicate with each other easily, to share files and to have video calls. You'll find all of your other students on here!

You'll need to login when you've download this. Speak to your teachers to get invited when you start the course.

Download and install here

5.3) Zoom

We use Zoom for bigger video calls such as weekend classrooms when they are remote.

Download and install here

5.4) Node.js

We use this tool to run our code and later in the course to help us make websites.

Download and install here

5.5) Git & Git Bash

We use this tool to upload our code to the internet so others can see it.

Download and install here

5.6) Github Desktop

We use this tool to make it easier to use Git since it can be quite hard for a beginner!

Download and install here

6) Websites

6.1) Gmail

We use a lot of Google products in the class so it's essential that everyone has a Gmail address. If you do not already have one then please register below.

Create email address here

6.2) Github

We use Github to submit our homework and to share code with each other. Please make sure that you have created an account and are logged in before you attend your first lesson.

Create account here