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From Trainee to Volunteer


When Graduates finish the course they often want to give back to CodeYourFuture and support the next class coming through after them. We actively encourage this so that they
  1. 1.
    Keep their programming skills in practice
  2. 2.
    Expand their understanding of coding by teaching and mentoring
  3. 3.
    Continue to be part of our community


Before a Graduate can become a volunteer they should


When a Graduate first volunteers there are a few roles that they would be really good at
  • Reviewing work of applicants going through the application process
    • They understand what makes a good trainee at CodeYourFuture really well
    • They’ve all been through the process themselves
  • Being a Teaching Assistant during lessons
  • Being a Zoom Admin during lessons
  • Individual mentoring for struggling students
Recent Graduates should not be
  • Lead Trainers
    • Until they have professional experience they won’t have the depth of knowledge required to be a Lead Teacher
  • Buddies
    • Graduates can offer 1:1 support to students but shouldn’t have a whole buddy group to look after as they should be focusing on their Job Search.