Course Eligibility

Who can apply for our courses?


  1. Are you over 18?

  2. Do you live within 90 minutes on local transport of a CYF city?

  3. Are you on a low income?

  4. Do you want to change your life with a career in tech?


And have you experienced one or more of the following:

  • Refuge/Asylum

  • Forced Migration

  • Disability

  • Prison

  • Long term unemployment

  • Homelessness

  • Single parenthood

  • Social care

  • Poverty

Then you are welcome at Code Your Future. You will find many people with similar experiences here.

Common questions

Can refugees work?

Refugees have the right to work. There are no restrictions on the type of work they can do, so their job types can vary - they may earn a decent wage or have a minimum wage job.

Can asylum seekers work?

It depends on the country. In the UK asylum seekers do not have the right to work.

Minimum Entry Qualifications

CYF welcomes applications from wide range of backgrounds. We use a decision model called Rainbird to determine eligibilty and suitability. You can read more about Rainbird on the docs.

Our Ideal Trainee

Communication skills

  • Strong English language skills, can express themselves and their ideas/questions/technical projects in English at CEFR B2 at least

  • Remote communication skills

  • Feels comfortable reaching out and asking questions

  • Communicates proactively and follows through

Problem-solving abilities

  • Inquisitive and curious

  • Seeks out answers on their own

  • Excited and open to new challenges/learning

  • Iterates and experiments to find answers

Professional workplace skills

  • Understands what is expected of them in a workplace

  • Collaborative

  • Ability to manage their time well, prioritize tasks, and follow through

  • Seeks out feedback from others, receives and gives feedback well, integrates feedback

  • Flexible/deals well with ambiguity

Participates in the CYF community

  • Shares knowledge - returns as a mentor or coach

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