Fundraising & budgeting

There are two possible paths to start a new chapter:

  • By receiving grants or private funding;

  • By starting with zero funding, which is the best way o test the grassroots potential of a new city

What to keep in mind:

There are some critical funding aspects such finding laptops and covering for trainees’ expenses

  • Find Laptops

    • Once the Ambassador team is in place, they can start looking for second-hand laptops to lend to applicants that do not have access to computers at home. The students can start the application process learning the basics of web programming via the Smartphone app Sololearn. But once they complete the app, they should be given laptops in so as to provide the same opportunity to all, regardless of their financial possibilities.

    • If they cannot afford to buy a laptop (even a used one) we should offer suggestions.

    • Applicants should have to sign a commitment to return the laptops but some losses might be expected.

    • Examples of where to find laptops:

      • Donations (businesses, charities, schools, tech companies)

      • Fundraisers to buy second hand laptops

  • At a certain point, you may need a part time admin person who will liaise with the strategy team to support with the funding activities. Branches shouldn’t spend their time looking for funds, as there’s enough of other areas and tasks that they should focus on

  • If a team is well structured, can then start looking for corporate partners. However the suggestion is that the city does not do it on their own but work with the Strategy Team team,

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