Class Structure

For each CYF course, the dedicated Education volunteer team must put together a class schedule with clear timings and dates of each weekly face-to-face classes, events, and monthly socials. This must be communicated to the students clearly and with regular reminders of upcoming events.

For the duration of the course, but outside of public holidays, each CYF branch must conduct weekly face-to-face classes for the students for at least 5 continuous hours. Students must receive (by the end of each face-to-face class) remote class assignments equivalent to at least 15 hours of remote work. Students will be expected to complete at least 500 learning hours before graduating from a CYF vocational training program.

To evaluate progress and quality of content delivery, assessment of trainee progress must be carried out at a minimum on a monthly basis for the duration of the course and logged on the CYF systems. The dedicated Education volunteer team must submit monthly trainee progress reports to the central CYF team.

The Education volunteer team must set weekly targets for online remote communication between students to encourage them to regularly communicate and build study networks.

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