Outreach Process

CYF works with clearly identified disadvantaged β€˜Target Groups’:

CYF is an inclusive learning community and will not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation, gender identiy and previous experience. CYF has clearly identified β€˜Diversity Targets’ to ensure inclusivity within applicant and trainee groups

For the outreach process to be successful CYF groups must ensure that the applicant pool exceeds 400 applicants and reflects our Target Groups and Diversity Targets.

During the outreach process all CYF branches and their Outreach Volunteer Teams must:

  • Focus on approaching and supporting individuals in the Target Groups to apply as prospective students;

  • Work with other charity groups and organisations to reach individuals in the Target Groups;

  • Provide evidence of adequate demand among the applicant pool;

  • Consider the Diversity Targets in campaigns to target applicants and in selecting students; and

  • Run a cohesive, open and inclusive monthly outreach campaign to find new volunteers and volunteer leaders.

Please read here for more information on how the Ambassador/Outreach Team works

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