Challenge 1 - Find the Founding team

The challenge should take 4 weeks.

The core of the organisation is based on its local founders. No single person should start taking other steps before finding a group of 5 people that are ready to share the subsequent tasks and activities needed to start the first class.

  • Find 5 super committed people, the founding team. Diversity is important for the team: they should be from different ethnic, gender, age, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds to properly represent your society. The more diverse the group, the stronger the foundations will be. Particularly relevant experience might include: grassroots activities, volunteering leadership, management, business development, organisation roles, humanities degrees, drama training, technology roles and software development.

  • We are expecting a commitment of 12 months in order to launch the community

  • The founding team will need to commit for 10-20 hours for the first 3 months in order to launch the Intro to Coding Course*.

*After the ambassador team is in place, the amount of hours will lower.

Tips: How can I find organisers?

- Speak at local tech events, NGOs, tech for good conferences and Universities

- Promote the idea on social media and reach out to social media groups covering a wide range of areas

- Organise meetups and events to present the idea of CYF

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