Challenge 2 - Strategy Challenge

The challenge should take 4 weeks.

Before beginning the formal establishment of your chapter, it is important to understand who else is operating in the space locally – it may be that a CYF chapter isn’t the best solution, and that actually resources would be more efficiently allocated joining an existing initiative, or combining an existing initiative with the nascent CYF setup.

Therefore the founders team needs to create the strategy of the city and region they want to operate in.

The strategy includes.

  • An analysis of the landscape in the region.

  • An analysis of the ecosystem which includes the beneficiaries of the programme

  • An analysis of the Tech Sector / similar organisations which are doing some work in the tech ecosystem.

  • A strategy on the outreach process: where you can find potential students and what marketing tools you will use

The strategy will then be presented to the CYF’s Strategy Team and core team members who will provide feedback

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