Codewars Advice from Mentors

There are over 9,000 JavaScript katas on Codewars, and most of them are not very useful to you, especially as a complete beginner. Work through the CYF collections first. The CYF kata have been chosen to support your learning.

It's a good idea to spend around 20 minutes, three times a week on kata. Three kata a week, every week, is much better than burning many hours cramming on Codewars and then leaving it for ages. Burn your hours on building projects, not solving puzzles.

However, if you have done all those kata and you want more, here's the sort of kata you should look for:

  • Basic Language Features

  • Higher Order Functions

  • Functional Programming

And generally you can swerve:

  • Object-oriented programming

  • Mathematics

  • Theoretical Computer Science

  • Cryptography

  • 4kyu and below

  • Kata in other languages

Of course, try those things if you are interested and have a plan, but we have found that trainees can waste a lot of time on Codewars struggling with random kata without any context or learning plan and then discourage themselves, or write off Codewars entirely. There are over 9,000 JavaScript katas on Codewars! CYF can't guarantee that any random kata you happen across online is worth your time - so please always approach your learning with a plan.

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