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Study Groups


At CodeYourFuture, we have a very limited amount of time with our students - only one day per week - and so the amount of time that our students spend with teachers is limited. In particular, our teachers time is split between 15-30 students depending on the size of the class meaning it is hard to tailor our lessons to any trainee.


By running weekly Study groups we give the trainee a safe space to explore ideas and work through their coursework in a guided manner. Some of our students can get overwhelmed when working on their homework and so having an experienced, professional developer to help them is a huge benefit.


  • To provide support to our trainees during the week outside of classes
  • To keep trainees encouraged throughout the week and stop them becoming discouraged
  • To provide closer one-on-one mentoring or tutorials or our trainees
  • Get to know real developers - many of our trainees have never met one before joining the course!


The coordinator should be the host of the Zoom call and work to make the event go smoothly for all involved. Does not need to be technical but it helps. They also make sure that the trainees know when and where study group is happening.
Technical Mentor
Work directly with the trainees to answer their questions during the session. Explaining key concepts that the trainees do not understand. Reassuring and coaching students.

Example Agenda

Volunteer Onboarding

  • Explain the goals of the Homework Club
    • We are here to mentor, teach and advise. Not to give answers
    • Re-enforce why this is so valuable for the students as they have so little time with professionals
  • Send a link to what the students have learnt in the syllabus most recently
    • This can be found here

Trainee to Volunteer Assignment

  • As the students arrive ask them what they have been working on this week and see if any volunteers feel comfortable with helping them with that topic
    • This is to set expectations with the trainee as to the level of help they’ll get
  • If we have more students than mentors try to group them together by the task they’re working on
  • The students and mentors will take a table together and start to work
    • If working online - they can use a Breakout Room

Working Time

  • In this time students and mentors work together

Wrap Up

As you reach the end of the session you should
  • Bring all the attendees back into the main room and thank the mentors for coming
  • Let everyone know that they have fifteen minutes to wrap up
    • Mentors should be encouraged to give further reading material
  • Remind the mentors to fill in the Tracker
  • If they aren’t already, invite the mentors to join this Slack channel as a Single Channel Guest