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Trainees Expenses Policy

CodeYourFuture is committed to helping our trainees undertake their studies by providing financial support where necessary.
Any expenses should be agreed in advance.
All expense claims must be evidenced with valid receipts or other proof of purchase. Where the original receipt cannot be provided, a photograph or scanned copy of a receipt is sufficient as long as all details are legible.
It is the trainee’s own responsibility to ensure that this evidence can be provided before they part with any money. Where a receipt is not available, proof of purchase may be in the form of screenshots
In all cases, a receipt or proof of purchase must clearly show all of the below:
  1. 1.
    Supplier name
  2. 2.
    Date of purchase
  3. 3.
    Product or service purchased
  4. 4.
    Price of product or service purchased
  5. 5.
    Proof of payment
In the event that proof of purchase will not be available, the trainee must discuss this in advance with the region Programme Manager, who may be able to provide them with an expense form so that they can self-certify the expenditure.
CodeYourFuture is unable to reimburse trainees for any expenditure which cannot be evidenced in the above way.
CodeYourFuture aims to remove barriers to learning as much as possible, this can include covering the cost of personal internet for the purposes of studying on the CYF course. This can work one of two ways:
a) for people with a UK bank account, CYF will reimburse into the individual's bank account upon receipt of a valid receipt (e.g. monthly mobile data bill) inline with the above.
b) for those without a valid UK bank account, CYF will provide a WiFi hotspot unit for you to use.
In either instance, trainees agree to use the internet responsibly and for the purposes of studying on the CYF course. By accepting this agreement, trainees agree not to use the internet service to access illegal websites, adult content or any other inappropriate content.
Childcare policy
We provide financial support for childcare throughout the whole week for any parents who have children under the age of 14 (or over in case of children with special needs).
We can cover up to 8 hours of childcare on the weekend and up to 15 hours during the week.
The childcare costs will be paid directly to the trainee.
The trainees will need to present to CodeYourFuture the invoice received by the childcare provider. Claims for reimbursement without proof of payment may not be accepted.
The financial support provided will be assessed on a case by case basis.
In order to be eligible for childcare support you will need to discuss your requirements and circumstances with your Personal Development mentor and Programme Manager.