Intro to Coding Course


    Provide a tech foundation in the world of programming through the development of HTML and CSS skills.
    Improve applicant’s self-learning skills as well as the ability to work and research problems online.
    Provide exposure to online tools and remote collaboration.
    Offer introduction of opportunities within the software development and the tech industry.
    Understand the level of interest and capabilities of participants in programming.
    Offer education paths into programming
    Exposure to role models from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    Guide participant’s ability to work individually and in teams.
    Analyse participant’s ability to take ownership of small digital projects.
Most importantly, completion of the Intro To Coding course is mandatory before a trainee can be considered for the Fundamentals Course.

More Information

Extensive information about the Intro to Coding course can be found on it's relevent documentation
Intro To Coding
Intro To Coding
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