Naming Accounts Consistently

Consistency and anonymity in online account names

During the CYF course you will be requested to make an account with various online services (such as Slack, GitHub, Google Classroom, trello, codepen,, khan academy, ...).

CYF recognises some students may wish for anonymity, and it is of course acceptable not to use your real name (or profile photo) when creating these accounts.

However, it is VERY helpful to our volunteer teachers when they are reviewing your work, if you use the same account name (and ideally the same profile pic/avatar) throughout these accounts (even if it is imaginary).

If you don't want to do this, that's fine. Let us know.


  • it is OK to use made-up usernames and profile pics when creating online accounts

  • it is very helpful to us if you use the same username and profile pic across all accounts used in your CYF course.