Naming Accounts Consistently
Use the same name everywhere in your work with CYF.

Consistency in online account names

During the CYF course you will make accounts online. (Such as Slack, GitHub, Google Classroom, LinkedIn...)
You should always use your real name. It must always be the same name. Don't use any other words apart from your name. Do not ever put your birth year or age in your user name. These things can harm your job prospects so start as you mean to go on.
Trainees use the same name everywhere in their work with CYF.
CYF recognises you may need to keep your birth name private. When we say real name, we mean the name you go by. It does not have to match your birth certificate or any other legal document.
The profile picture you use does not have to be a picture of you, It must be safe for work, consistent and unique, so you don't get mixed up with other people.


  • Don't use cute handles or put the year of your birth in your username.
  • Use the same username and profile pic across all accounts used in your CYF course and on the professional profiles you build during CYF (LinkedIn, Github).
This policy was changed on 5 August 2021.
Last modified 3mo ago