Useful Links
This page aims to give you the best links for working as a developer and improving your skills.
  • gives a very good overview of what a senior developer should know or be aware
    of in the modern front-end, back-end or devops world. It's useful as
    something to aim for, but remember it's impossible to be extremely
    good at all of this so don't feel overwhelmed!

Front-end development

  • is an amazing resource containing everything related to front-end development.
    There's a lot here so only focus on the sections you want to learn.
  • ​DevDocs is great for quickly finding documentation

Software craftsmanship

  • You should code with these programming principles in mind.
    • Focus on what's in the Generic section β€” the Inter-Module/Class
      and Module/Class sections are relevant for object-oriented programming
      (OOP) developers
  • ​Decent Code is a thorough guide on good programming practices to create quality code
  • ​Commit Messages Guide is a guide on good practices for writing commit messages


Algorithms and data structures

Free developer resources

  • ​free-for.dev β€” contains a list of software
    that have free tiers for developers
  • ​public-apis β€” contains a list
    of free APIs

Developer tools


Games and quizzes