Trainee Expenses

Claiming Student Expenses as a CYF Trainee.

This policy applies to trainees enrolled on:

  • Code Your Future Fundamentals

  • Code Your Future Software Development Course

  • Code Your Future Employment Programme

Everyone at CodeYourFuture has barriers to education and some things we can help with. If you cannot come to class because you can't afford:

This policy explains how you can claim these expenses to help you come to class. These expenses don't count as income if you are claiming benefits.

Code Your Future will reimburse into your named bank account; not that of a friend or family member. Find out how to open a bank account.


You can claim back the cost of travelling to and from Code Your Future events. This includes class days, co-working sessions, workshops and other community events. We can only accept claims with a valid receipt. We can only reimburse journeys on public transport unless there is a prior agreement. You may only buy Standard Class tickets.

Internet Access

Code Your Future can reimburse the cost of internet access. You will sign up for a suitable plan. This can be a mobile data or broadband plan. You must provide a bill or receipt before we can pay you.

In some cases, Code Your Future can provide a data sim card.

Lunch on class days

You are invited to bring food to share with others on class days. If you are making food for the community, you can claim back the cost of ingredients. The budget must be agreed in advance.

You must provide a receipt before we can pay you.


Code Your Future can pay towards childcare provided by a registered provider. This can be a childminder or a nursery, or any other childcare. We can only pay providers registered with Ofsted. Send us the Ofsted registration number of your provider.

Find a childcare provider you are happy and comfortable with. The childcare provider must be able to supply an invoice. The invoice should show the company name, address and details of the services.

Code Your Future can pay for up to 10 hours on a weekend and up to 15 hours during the week.

Complete the Childcare Calculator and screengrab the outcome. Share this with the Programme Manager. If you have No Recourse to Public Funds, use the NRPF pages to help you complete your calculation.

If the trainee is eligible for Government support, they should apply. Each month, they should pay for their childcare through the Government portal. Take a screengrab of the transactions page for each child.

Submit the invoice and screengrabs of the portal with your claim.

How to submit a claim

The expenses claim form will be pinned on Slack. You must submit a claim within 30 days of incurring the expense. Follow the exact instructions on the claim form.

  • Claims of £100 or above need advanced approval. You should get approval from before you spend any money.

The receipt must include:

  • the name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier (where relevant)

  • the cost (including VAT where relevant) and description of the goods or services and

  • the date of the supply

If you have any questions, please email

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