Onboarding Process

When you're on our main Slack workspace, you should make sure you're in the right channels and invited to access relevant tools for volunteering!


  • All the channels associated with your city

    • e.g.

      • #scotland channel

      • #scot-class-5-volunteers channel

      • #scotland-class-5 channel

      • @scotlandmentors user list


Please let us know either on Slack or through your cities contact information if you have not been added to any of the above.


Global Calendar

All events that are not specific to any city


City Specific Calendars

What next?

After a month or two of volunteering, you can consider taking on more responsibility.

We have general volunteer - people who join and do occasional tasks.

And volunteer leaders - people who start to take on organisation of volunteer tasks.

Our organisation needs both types of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer leader - contact your programme manager and find out more/register here: https://codeyourfuture.io/leadership/

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