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Product Owner
Voluntary Job Vacancy
Product Owner are the main contacts for Final Projects teams to get guidance, answer questions and support with prioritisation of the tasks.
It is a role that needs a commitment of 5 hours weekly for 5 weeks, but should consider daily availability, since questions could come up at any time and could block the delivery.

Your Role

The Product Owner must be knowledgeable about the product that is being built, understand the users needs as well as the organisation strategy. This role must have the authority to make decisions and support the team on daily basis.

You will:

  • Be available via e-mails, chats or phone to answer questions within a 0.5-1 working days
  • Responsible for unblock the team with making necessary decisions
  • Be able to attend a weekly/bi-weekly meeting with our teams
  • Be in a position to advise the prioritisation of features in the project
    • e.g. Should we prioritise Feature A or Feature B?
    • e.g. We should remove Feature B because it's no longer needed.
  • Have realistic expectations of what our trainees can build in the time given to them
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