Why Professional Development?

At Code Your Future our aim is to empower people to change their lives by giving them the tools to have a successful career in tech.

We choose to work with people facing significant barriers to employment. We know that learning tech skills alone is not enough to become employable.

What do we do?

We developed the Professional Development (PD) syllabus in response to these challenges. We work together with the Tech Education team to help trainees manage their learning and improve their employability.

How do we do that?

From Fundamentals to Final Projects, the basic concept we want our trainees to understand is that agile teams use people with different skill sets playing different roles (e.g. designer, developer, QA) to produce something together.

Each module of our software development course is four weeks and each week has one hour-long PD session.

We are focusing on the following soft skills:

  • Basic professional skills

  • Confidence

  • Communication

  • Time/Project management

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving

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