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There are several roles that you can take when volunteering with the Education Team which have varying levels of time commitment and planning.

Module Coordinator

Time Commitment: 3 consecutive classes plus planning time (5 hours at the weekend, some hours during the week)
The module leaders lead the preparation of a module's lessons and exercises and are responsible for delivering its content. The module leaders are normally from within the group of mentors who have been around from the previous cohort and have a good feeling about how to run a class. They don't necessarily teach the full Saturday class though, as they're normally supported by other mentors who wish to teach part of it.

Lead Trainers (& Assistant Lead Teacher)

Time Commitment: 3 consecutive classes plus planning time (5 hours at the weekend, some hours during the week)
Lead Trainers are the people that deliver the content inside our weekly lessons.
They are responsible for coordinating the classroom. making use of Teaching Assistants, delivering taught content and assigning exercises.
Read more about this role here​

Training Assistant

Time Commitment: One training day per week (roughly 5-6 hours)
This is where most new Education team members start as it is a good way to get to know the trainees and the other team mentors. What the role involves: during the class, new concepts and exercises are introduced by the lead trainers. The trainees are then expected to practice these with hands-on exercises. The in-class assistants help trainees if they get stuck or they need some clarification. Training Assistants are not expected to come every weekend, although advanced absence notification is appreciated.
Read more about this role here.

Education Buddy

Time Commitment: A few hours a week, one essential meeting, - long term commitment (Roughly 3 hours per week)
This role is an ongoing commitment where a volunteer is paired with between three and five trainees for a period of a few months. It is this volunteers responsibility to be the first point of contact for help with their trainees problems for anything on the technical education side of the course.
They should also attend a weekly meeting to feedback on their trainees progress and if their trainees need any additional support.
Read more about this role here​

Syllabus Team

Time Commitment: One meeting every two weeks, as much time as you can commit in between
This Syllabus Team is responsible for keeping our develop new content for our Syllabus and keep it up to date.
Read more about this role on the Syllabus​

Additional Roles

Mid-week help

Time Commitment: Flexible
Some team members can't commit their weekends but they are able to meet trainees midweek to help with coursework, provide group project support, or help them get a better understanding of the concepts they're learning. This is evolving into a parallel stream of work that is just as valued and important as the main Weekend class.
Normally, team members offer help on a certain day of the week (few hours after work for example) and trainees respond if they can join. This can also be requested by the trainees by asking if there are any volunteers available to help on specific day(s).
All communication is done via the cohort's Slack channel.

Coursework review

Time Commitment: Flexible
The coursework is done as Pull Requests on the trainees' GitHub accounts. Volunteers review and provide feedback that the trainees should act on.

Graduation Project

Time Commitment: Six weeks at the end of the course
The graduation projects, at the end of the course, require developers who are comfortable jumping into several different roles:
  • Being the architect of the project
  • Lead developer taking responsibility of PRs and their quality
  • Project Management and wearing the hat of Scrum master few times.
If you'd like to get involved in one or few of those roles, please let one of the lead mentors know.