Volunteer Expenses

Volunteers can claim expenses under the following circumstances:

  • To support Code Your Future

  • With prior agreement from a member of CYF staff

  • If paying for the item would create a barrier to access

Examples include transport to classes and providing lunch on class days.

We will only reimburse into the volunteer’s bank account, not a friend's or family member's.


A volunteer can claim when there is a barrier to accessing the Code Your Future community. For example, if a volunteer could not take part if they did not claim travel expenses, they can claim. Examples include class days, co-working sessions, workshops and other community events. We will only accept claims with a valid receipt. We can only reimburse journeys on public transport unless there is a prior agreement.

Volunteers can only claim parking and fuel expenses with a prior agreement. We will only accept claims where public transport would not work for this journey. We will pay a fixed rate, set by HMRC, of 45p per mile (or 25p for each mile exceeding 10,000).

Overnight stays

On rare occasions, you may need to stay overnight outside of your region. Code Your Future's preference is that members of the community will host each other. If this is not possible, Code Your Future will source a hotel and make arrangements for you.

How to submit a claim

The expense claim form will be pinned on Slack. Volunteers should submit a claim within 30 days of incurring the expense. Volunteers should follow the exact instructions on the claim form.

  • Claims of Β£100 or above need advanced approval. You should get approval from expenses@codeyourfuture.io before you spend any money.

The receipt should include:

  • The name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier

  • The cost (including VAT) and description of the goods or services and

  • The date of the supply

If you have any questions, please email expenses@codeyourfuture.io.

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