Join CYF Tech Products

To join the CYF Products team, you must have signed the volunteer form and done our onboarding process.

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining this team. We depend on volunteers like you, to keep our teams running and to be able to improve our products.

The steps for this your application are:

  1. Apply on our Product form for the role you are interested in (see all roles here)

  2. Once you receive our exercise OR Codility test, please do it within the next 7 days. You must pass your test with at least 75%.

    Codility test is SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript based.

  3. The next exercise is to clone this repo and work on its open issues. This page helps with context

  4. You will then have an interview with the following agenda: - Introductions - Demo of your exercise (non-technical roles) and repo work (developers) - Technical questions - Competency-base questions - Wrap-up

  5. You will receive feedback of your interview

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